Question: What is the registration fee and who do I make the check payable to?
Answer: Fees have NOT changed for returning teams for 2017-2018. Membership is $275 (this includes the National fee), schools fielding additional teams will pay $200 per additional team. Checks are to be made payable to INDIANA SCIENCE OLYMPIAD. A limited number of schools registering for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER are FREE! Indiana Science Olympiad has received a couple of grants to cover teams in Lake, Porter, and Marion counties. If you are a new team from a different county, Indiana Science Olympiad will cover your registration fee for this year. Furthermore, these first timers have opportunities to compete for free in one of the Indiana Invitational Tournaments and receive a $50 gift card by attending the Indiana Coaches Clinic.

Question: Do I have to pay or join the National Science Olympiad Organization in addition to Indiana Science Olympiad?
Answer: All teams nationwide must pay the state and national membership fees to participate. Here in Indiana we collect the National fee and forward your membership to Nationals on your behalf. So your Indiana Science Olympiad membership fees include your National Science Olympiad fees.

Question: How many students may I have on our team?
Answer: Up to fifteen (15) students may be on your competitive team. Some tournaments allow teams to bring alternates and observers. Each tournament site is different due to size of facilities, etc. Please check with the tournament director to find out how many alternates and observers are allowed.

Question: What is the policy on communication devices?
Answer: All cell phones, pagers, walkie talkies, and text messaging devices must be turned off and placed in your backpack while in competition. Anyone caught using a device while competing will be disqualified from that event. Any team caught more than once will be disqualified from the tournament.

Question: Do I need to include chaperones and parents on the final registration form?
Answer: No, all students attending the tournament including official competitors, observers, and alternates should be listed on the final registration form.

Question: Can teachers, parents or alternates impound devices for our official competitors?
Answer: Yes, however during impound the supervisor may have questions so it is best if one of the students competing with the device is available during impound.