Step by Step Instructions for Registering a Team

Step 1. To register your team(s) go to the Indiana Science Olympiad Registration site by December 18, 2017.

Step 2. Click on the “Start a New Registration” link, provide the email address of the head coach, and select the desired regional tournament. The regional tournament locations, dates, and links are as follows:

Regional Tournament Locations & Dates: 
Ivy Tech Bloomington – February 3, 2018
Purdue University Lafayette – February 3, 2018
Goshen College – February 10, 2018
Purdue University Northwest  – February 10, 2018
Indiana University Northwest – February 17, 2018
Butler University – February 24, 2018
Ivy Tech West Lafayette – March 3, 2018

Make sure you choose the correct division (B for middle school and C for high school) and location. Once you have registered, you will be unable to change the regional tournament selection. Available slots at each regional tournament are filled each time a registration is completed; hence, those who register early will have the most options. The top teams from each regional tournament are eligible to compete at the next levels.

Step 3. Provide some basic information about your school and coach(es). If you registered a team last year, you will be given an opportunity to use last year’s information.

More Than One Team? You have the opportunity to add additional teams by clicking on the ‘Add a Person’ button located at the bottom of the Personal Info page or clicking on the link on the Confirmation page.  This is useful if you are registering teams for both divisions B and C, or if you are registering more than one team in a particular division and want to receive the discount for additional teams. Each team may have the same or a different coach.

All teams from the same school competing in the same division must compete at the same regional tournament, and school advancement to the state or wild card tournaments is determined by the top scoring team. Schools, not teams, advance to the state or wild card tournaments. This means that the students who compete for a school at the state or wild card tournaments need not be the same as the students who competed as a team at a regional tournament. B and C teams can compete at the same or different regional tournaments.

Create an Account. If you register more than one team, you will be required to create an account and a password. If you register only one team, it is recommended that you still create an account and a password, which can be done on the checkout page. With an account and password, you can later view your registration information, correct coach or school information, and add a team; however, you will be unable to change the regional tournament selection for an already registered team.

Step 4. Once you have entered information for all teams you plan to register, it is time to check out. The registration fee covers membership in Science Olympiad (both the National and Indiana state organizations) for the 2016-17 academic year. This allows the team to receive the rule book to assist in preparation for tournaments. It also allows the team to participate in one regional tournament. Membership is required for participation in Science Olympiad invitational tournaments.

Membership for one team is $275. Schools fielding additional teams in the same division will pay $200 per additional team. If this is the first time your school has competed in a Science Olympiad Regional Tournament, enter in the First Time Competitor box YEAR1. For a limited number of teams, this code will result in a waiver of the first team $275 registration fee.

Step 5. The final page confirms your registration details and provides a link for an invoice. A confirmation email will also be sent to the head coach email address. If money is owed, mail (1) a printed copy of the confirmation page or invoice, and (2) a check for the proper amount made payable to Indiana Science Olympiad to

Philip Villani
Department of Biological Science
Butler University
4600 Sunset Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

All fees must be paid by January 6, 2017. Teams with unpaid fees after the January 6, 2017 deadline will be dropped from their regional tournament assignments and not be allowed to compete in any Science Olympiad tournaments for the 2016-2017 school year.

What Happens Now? Note that the confirmation page also has a Teams link under Directories. This link provides a current listing of all registered teams and head coach names and email addresses by regional tournament. A confirmation email will sent that provides a link to return to your registration pages in the event that you wish to make a change or want to see an updated list of registered teams.

Once payment has been received, a manual of event rules will be mailed to the head coach. If you would like a manual prior to registration payment being recorded, we suggest that you go to the National Science Olympiad link to order the manuals directly.

Need Help? If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the Membership Director, David Housman at or 574-535-7405.

Have a great Science Olympiad season!