Official Rule Clarifications
If you need a clarification, you must submit your question to the National organization. Indiana will follow rules as clarified by the National organization unless stated otherwise below. To review questions/clarifications already submitted or to submit your own question, go to the National Rules Clarifications page.

The Indiana Science Olympiad Executive Board voted to make the following changes for Indiana tournaments.

Invasive Species – Indiana tournaments will use the INDIANA INVASIVE SPECIES LIST.  For list click indiana-invasive-species-official.

Aerial Scramble will replace Bottle Rockets for 2017.  For rules, click Aerial Scramble Rules 2016-17. This is due to safety concerns due to weather, and liability concerns for some of our colleges.

1) Division B events that allow any resource may use binders at the Regional and Invitational Level in Indiana.  The State Tournament will adhere to the National rules.
2) Division B events that specify binders may use them at all competitions including State in Indiana.