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Rules & Clarifications

Official Rule Clarifications

If you need a clarification, you must submit your question to the National organization. Indiana will follow rules as clarified by the National organization unless stated otherwise below. To review questions/clarifications already submitted or to submit your own question, go to the National Rules Clarifications page.

2022 Indiana Only Clarifications

Division B Resources

For Invitational/Regional tournaments:
For events that allow any type of note pages or binder, each team may bring one three-ring binder of any size containing information in any form and from any source attached using the available rings. Participants may remove information or pages for their use during the event.

For State: We will follow the rules as written in the official rules manual.
(Coaches pay special attention to the size requirements listed for the Dynamic Planet, Fossils and Ornithology binders).

Division B & C Resources

Indiana invitational, regional and state tournaments will use a narrowed down list of birds from the national list for the Ornithology event.  This list will be used for both B and C divisions.
2022 Indiana Bird List