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Before Science Olympiad I had no Idea of my own capabilities. I never thought myself more than an average student. After having become part of my team I realized the sky is the limit and that I am capable of so much. I learned how to study and work for an objective. I learned how to learn from mistakes and the importance of healthy competition. My experience in Science Olympiad has impacted me so significantly that I will hold the lessons I have learned for the rest of my life. –Andrea Castillas, Student

Coaches’ Timeline & Checklist


    • Get School Board or Administration’s approval to have a team
    • Request funding from your principal or PTA/PTO for a science extracurricular activity
    • Register team as soon as possible so you can choose a regional date that works best for your team
    • To register your team(s) go to the registration page beginning mid-late August through December 19, 2018
    • Teams must be registered in order to participate in Invitational, Regional & State tournaments
    • Pay fees
    • Receive Event Rules
    • Recruit students by holding an informational meeting, show a Science Olympiad DVD and have a list of events with short descriptions available for students and parents to view


    • Plan to attend the a coaches clinic in the fall.  This clinic will provide you with lots of information to help you with the 23 competitions
    • Recruit assistant coaches or event specific coaches.  These people can be community members, parents, other teachers, etc.
    • Have students select the events they most want to compete in, some coaches have mini competitions or tests to determine the best students for each event
    • Provide event rules for each student for the events he/she is participating
    • Create Parent Support Group (create a list of jobs you need done such as fundraising chair, equipment manager, transportation/travel organizer, meals & snacks organizer, etc.)
    • Identify team leaders
    • Get organized by setting a practice schedule


    • Set deadlines for all building events (date you want to have devices built by)
    • In-depth training for all events (look for resources in your community and online)
    • Go to the National Science Olympiad site to find resources by event
    • Start looking for sponsors (in-kind donations, monetary donations, donations of time)
    • Register for an Invitational Tournament
    • Create & order team t-shirts


    • Compete in Invitational Tournaments – for a complete list of Indiana and tournaments surrounding us go to the tournaments page on the website
    • Practice
    • Final deadline for team registration


    • Check your regional tournament website for information such as tournament schedule, rule clarifications, etc.
    • Check Indiana Science Olympiad website for state-wide rule clarifications
    • Continue to practice & prepare for regional tournament
    • Build team unity
    • Determine parent chaperones and assign responsibilities for tournament days (transporting devices, assisting with impounding, snacks, homeroom monitor, etc.)


    • Compete in Regional Tournament
    • Analyze regional results and prepare for State
    • Make room reservations for the State Tournament if you qualify at regional
    • Check out the State tournament website for schedules, announcements, state specific rule clarifications, etc.


    • State Tournament
    • Analyze state results and start preparing for next year OR for National Competition


    • Plan a Team Recognition Celebration at your school
    • National Competition (1st place team in both divisions compete at Nationals; occasionally our statewide enrollment is high enough for our 2nd place teams get to compete at Nationals)